Breaking Barriers


Breaking Barriers Programme: Overview

Cultural leaders today face a critical challenge: navigating the complex terrain of cultural equity and anti-racism especially as so much has changed since 2020.  Many organisations are eager to take meaningful action and struggle with fundamental questions: Where do we start? What do we need to know? How can we create a practical framework for implementation?

Breaking Barriers has been designed to bring clarity, focus and prioritised actions that embed long-term and meaningful change.

What You'll Gain

Starting Point: Understand the foundational principles of anti-racist practice and cultural equity.

Essential Knowledge: Acquire key concepts and historical context relevant to the cultural sector.

Framework for Action: Learn practical tools to identify and 'design out' biased and unfair systems of disadvantage within your organisation.

Implementation Strategies: Develop a clear vision and priorities for embedding anti-racist practices across all facets of your organisation.

This online programme will provide support, guidance and space to reflect and then action your own bespoke organisational race equity programme.

Each day is set out as incremental learning and using a TTS Framework model that supports you to set out vision, priorities and actions to take back to your organisation.


  • Monday 23rd¬†- Friday 27th Sept 9.30-12pm BOOKING OPEN
  • Monday¬†14th - Friday 18th Oct 9.30-12pm
  • Monday 18th - Friday 22nd Nov 9.30-12pm


Programme Details

The programme runs over one intensive week, with sessions held every morning from 9:30 am to 12:00 noon. The small group setting encourages collaboration and shared learning among participants.

Day-by-Day Outline

Day 1: Introduction to Anti-Racist Practice

  • Defining anti-racist practice
  • Key language and concepts
  • Historical context within the cultural sector
  • Understanding institutional and systemic manifestations of cultural racism
  • Setting the context and purpose through the 'WHY' of our work

Day 2: Whole Organisational Approach (Part 1)

  • Assessing current organisational systems
  • Tools to identify and address unfair systems and practices
  • Establishing vision and priorities
  • Addressing organisational challenges

Day 3: Whole Organisational Approach (Part 2)

  • Interactive sessions focusing on how anti-racist practice is delivered, led and embeded in different areas of¬†cultural organisations including Leadership and Governance, Senior Leadership, Curatorial/Artistic Practice, HR, Marketing, and Front of House/Volunteers

Day 4: Bringing It All Together

  • Developing¬†your bespoke organisational anti-racist framework
  • Identifying focus areas for implementation

Day 5: Embedding Practice and Action Planning

  • Establishing organisational memory and best practices
  • Implementing accountability structures (e.g., KPIs)
  • Navigating complexity and addressing challenges
  • Reflection and action planning for ongoing success


Participants will leave equipped with practical strategies, frameworks, and tools to initiate and sustain anti-racist practices within their organisations.

Register your interest

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