Current Programme

Anti-Racist Foundation Webinar

This 1-hour webinar is designed to build knowledge, awareness and understanding of what anti-racist practice is, and what it means to our work in the cultural sector.  Whether you're looking to expand your knowledge or ensure your team is well-versed in the concepts and language of this crucial work, this webinar offer foundational learning that caters to all levels of understanding.  


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Breaking Barriers Programme

Breaking Barriers offers industry-based practical insights, expert knowledge, and real-time tools that support you to drive meaningful change. Each session is designed to focus on building then equipping you with the expertise to lead, deliver and then reflection on race inclusion strategies that are bespoke to your cultural organisation.

Workshops take place online over 5-consecutive mornings from Monday - Friday; and limited to 12 per programme.

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Bespoke In-Person Training

You might want to deliver a whole-organisation training programme that empowers all colleagues and begins to build an anti-racist action plan. Or you might want to consider a piece of work that you are planning together. Or you might want to think about your approaches to race inclusion engagement?


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Coaching and Support Sessions

These reflective practice spaces might arrive at a moment of rupture that needs time and space. Or a colleague could do with a supportive ear. There might be something that you wish to work through that will extend your practice. Maybe its a challenging piece of work content-wise that space is required for downloading. Or you might need support in facilitating a specific meeting or EDI/Anti-Racist Working Group.

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